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Eastern Beacon Technical Contracting Company L.L.C (EBTEC) provides superior solutions to our customers’ most demanding requirements and able to offer high quality services, provided on schedule, and for a price that suits the customer budget. In addition, has the capability to complete any project.

We team with your specialists to find and optimize engineered solutions for all your requirements by qualities engineers.

Our labors are very well trained to do the following works and services: car parking and general flooring treatments, screenings and self leveling, anti carbonation, wall coatings with chemicals, wall crack, filling, grouting, epoxy coating, water proofing leakages stoppage, concrete repair and injection, roof water proofing, water tanks, sumps, bathrooms, toilets and kitchen, ceilings, roof leakages, etc.

We have experienced specialists in all these fields.

Special application can be proficiently handled by our well experienced team as well such as: any industry involves production activities which includes a lot of traffic and heavy movement.

We offer this type of flooring by assessing the type of movements in the plant, also a special repair and treatments to any surfaces that need to be coated, concrete rapier in unusual conditions, acid / alkali resistant floorings and linings that need maintenance, decorative epoxy solutions and food grade paints available for use in food and beverage industries …

We deal with very well known manufacturers and reputed makes; we have different products for different applications

All our projects are protected by guarantee and will do free services if any problems arise in the guarantee period.

P.O. Box: 68968, Sharjah – UAE

Tel: +971 6 5545432

Fax: +971 6 5545426

E: info@ebtecgulf.com

W: www.ebtecgulf.com